Straighten Up New Zealand is an easy and enjoyable every day programme to improve spinal health and posture .

Consisting of a set of simple exercises and taking just three minutes to complete, Straighten Up New Zealand will help improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability.

The exercises can be undertaken by kiwi's of all ages with a special programme tailored for children. The exercises can be completed at any time of day but are most beneficial when they form part of a daily routine. It is our goal that in 10 years time every kiwi will take a few minutes every day to care for their spinal health, just as they do for their dental health.

Studies conducted overseas found that 83% of people who adopted the exercises as part of their daily routine reported a postural improvement. 78% reported they had strengthened their core muscles and 80% reported that they sit and stand more uprightly and that their backs are more comfortable after five weeks of performing the exercise module.

So go on, let's Straighten Up New Zealand, it's Fitness Fun for Everyone!!

Straighten Up New Zealand is a community service initiative of the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association. The worldwide Straighten Up initiative is being coordinated by Life University, USA.

Did you

Good posture goes hand in hand with better balance.

Look for the line of your shoulders to be level, not tilted.

Common signs of poor posture are rounded shoulders, hunched upper back, and head jutting forward.