Posture - it's not just about looks!

Proper Posture
  • Keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly
  • Helps decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in arthritis
  • Decreases the stress on the ligaments holding the joints of the spine together
  • Prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions
  • Prevents fatigue because muscles are being used more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy
  • Prevents strain or overuse problems
  • Prevents backache and muscular pain
  • Contributes to a good appearance
Proper posture requirements
  • Good muscle flexibility
  • Normal motion in the joints
  • Strong postural muscles
  • A balance of muscles on both sides of the spine
  • Awareness of your own posture, plus awareness of proper posture which leads to conscious correction. With much practice, the correct posture for standing, sitting, and lying down will gradually replace your old posture
What contributes to bad posture?
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Weak muscles
  • High-heeled shoes
  • Tight muscles; decreased flexibility
  • Poor work environment
  • Poor sitting and standing habit

Did you

Wearing high heels regularly can lead to bad posture and back pain.