Hi Mums and Dads,

Straighten Up Healthy Child Version is a 3-minute
spinal health programme designed to help children feel
and look their best.

The programme is divided into three quick sessions:
The Stars (warm up),
Flying Friends (posture care), and
Core Balance (to finish off the session).

Through the help of two friends, Aroha and Dan, children can learn these daily exercises for promoting their spinal health, improving their posture, and preventing spinal problems.

Are these Exercises suitable for your child?


TAKE CARE: The Straighten Up exercises are designed for healthy children. If your child has a disorder or disability which limits activity and movement, please check with your chiropractor or other healthcare expert to make sure this programme is appropriate for your child's specific needs. If any exercise causes sharp or shooting pain it is important for your child to stop the activity and let an adult know that they have a problem with the exercise. In some circumstances the programme may need to be adapted for your child's use.


Children should spend no more than 20 minutes in front of the televison or video games.

Frequent walking breaks are good for the back and eyes.

Becoming involved in sports activities helps develop muscular skills and self-confidence.