10 steps to becoming a SUNZ leader in our schools (see Full Instructions PDF below for a more complete, step-by-step guide):

  1. Start doing daily SUNZ exercises… practice what you preach!
    It only takes 3 minutes a day and they feel great!

  2. Order your Classroom Pack (containing SUNZ resources for up to 35 children to get started).

  3. Familiarise yourself with the straightenup.org.nz website as you need to be able to answer any questions relating to it.
    Download and read the Introductory and Research articles from the SUNZ Toolkit.
  4. Make up a School Presentation Folder
    Put together a clearfile containing the following information:
    •  Introduction to SUNZ Programme letter from Toolkit
    •  Relevant research articles from Toolkit
    •  Samples of kids stickers, certificate, brochures, wall strips and classroom samples
    •  A sample page from the kids' powerpoint show for an example of how you'll be teaching kids
    •  Example of adult's brochure
    •  Testimonials and comments collected from teachers/ patients.

  5. Start teaching the SUNZ module to your spinal care classes or your daily patients to become comfortable with using them. You can order the SUNZ Brochure Adult Version (packs of 50) that can be used to teach adults in your practice.

  6. Contact schools/community groups/spinal screening centres etc with the letter to the principal (download the word document from the toolkit and edit appropriately). Also include a brochure and the Delphi panel research from Dr Ron Kirk with the letter.

  7. Organise a meeting with the principal or board of trustees or entire staff if you can. The ultimate outcome would be to teach the SUNZ module to the staff to take into all of their classrooms.

  8. Take your pre-prepared clearfile to your meeting with the principal, staff or teachers and use this to illustrate each step of the programme:
    •  Highlight what SUNZ is all about and our vision to reach all NZers to enjoy the daily module as part of a healthy lifestyle, just as they brush their teeth daily
    •  World Spine Day: October 16th
    •  Go through the research findings
    •  Describe the components of the module and how it will be taught to the children.
    •  Explain how “straighten up” not only means posturally, but in all aspects of health, using the first testimonial as an example.
  9. Meet with your class/school/group:
    •  Take a spine with you (you may want to start your talk with your usual chiropractic education to bring an understanding of the importance of the exercises)
    •  Teach the exercises using the power point show
    •  Bring Stickers, Wall strips, and Brochures to hand out
    •  Bring the A2 poster and Activity charts to be put up in the classroom

  10. Make a date a month down the track to revisit the class/school/group and this time take with you:
    •  Certificates
    •  Prize? For the most enthusiastic SUNZ participant
    •  Camera! And send us in your photos
    •  Ask the teacher to write a small comment on what she felt were the benefits and drawbacks of the SUNZ programme so that we can draw from your experience and make any changes necessary. The feedback will be added to this website to let others know where difficulties may lie and how to overcome these.

Full Instructions PDF (PDF 138 KB)

Poor posture and inactivity can lead to muscle tension and pain.

Approximately 80% of the population suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

For more info contact Dr Dean Carter, Straighten Up NZ Co-ordinator  info@straightenup.org.nz