Straighten Up New Zealand™ (SUNZ) is fun, easy and it only takes three minutes a day. Our goal for the first year is to get each chiropractor to take SUNZ into one classroom or community so that at the end of its first year of life 360 classrooms or groups have been exposed to SUNZ. In addition, we aim to have brochures available in each chiropractic office in New Zealand. They’re a great educational tool for patients and the exercises are easily self-taught for busy practices.

Simply download and print out the SUNZ Practitioners' Order Form below and post or fax back to us to place your order. We look forward to having you on our team!

SUNZ Practitioners' Order Form (PDF 98 KB)

Did you

Many people spend their day at a computer. It is important to make sure your work station is set up ergonomically to reduce fatigue and poor posture.

Taking breaks and moving around regularly also helps. You can do the SUNZ exercises throughout the day to keep your spine in good health.

For more info contact Dr Dean Carter, Straighten Up NZ Co-ordinator