SUNZ Resources

Resources for Presenting SUNZ in Schools

Detailed Instructions for Practitioners - How to Get Started in 10 Steps! (PDF 138 KB)

Letter to School Principal (DOC 111 KB)

Introduction to SUNZ Programme (PDF 180 KB)  

Powerpoint presentation - child version (PPT 1.99 MB)                            

A4 Sample of Kids' A2 Wall Chart for Classroom ( PDF 3.11 MB) 

A4 Sample of A2 Class Activity Sticker Chart ( PDF 291 KB) 

Certificate of Participation Sample (PDF 1.17 MB)   

Your First Testimonial (PDF 29 KB

Research Articles & References

Delphi Panel Research ( PDF 113 KB) 

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain in Finnish Adolescents ( PDF 254 KB) 

Recent NZ Spinal Research ( PDF 49 KB) 

Effects of Back Posture Education ( PDF 90 KB)

Relevant Research References (PDF 74 KB)   

Additional Resources

Powerpoint presentation - adult version (PPT 3.65 MB)

For more info contact Dr Dean Carter, Straighten Up NZ Co-ordinator